Ms Alison Hogg Australian National Speaking Tour – February 2007

Non-medical Prescribing

Tour Coordinator: Dr Rosalie Boyce


The extension of prescribing rights is a critical issue in health workforce reform in Australia. Such rights have been granted in the UK under a variety of regulatory and legislative models. Alison Hogg, from Derby University in the UK, has recently been awarded a prestigious university Award of Excellence for curriculum development for the first inter-professional non medical prescribing program in the UK. The course was developed in association with the University of Nottingham and with Lincoln University. Students enrolled in the Post Graduate Practice Certificate in Non Medical Prescribing course come from nursing, podiatry, physiotherapy, radiography, pharmacy and midwifery. In her seminar series, which is touring capital cities in Australia, Alison will speak on the workforce reform context that has led to enhanced roles such as prescribing. She will explain the different prescribing models relevant to the professions and the competencies and educational requirements to up-skill the professions to undertake these new roles. She will also outline the course content, assessment and the models of medical supervision during training as well as the learning outcomes inherent in running a successful program. In addition she will discuss the regulatory environment required to assure safety and quality. Further, she is able to outline the difficult issues that emerged in developing the prescribing role for new professions.

Alison Hogg Papers

Following her very successful Australian speaking tour in February 2007, Alison Hogg from Pharmacy at The University of Derby asked me to make the following documents available online.

Various web announcements and reports on Alison’s presentations can be found at:

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