Dr. Rosalie A. Boyce Ph.D. is internationally recognised for her expertise on the management and organisation of the allied health professions. An accomplished communicator, she had delivered in excess of 70 keynote and invited addresses, workshops and seminars to a variety of health profession audiences with the aim of inspiring learning and personal growth in participants.  After 10 years as an allied health clinician and department manager, Rosalie commenced her research career where she has spent more than two decades investigating and sharing how profession(al)s and organisations are reshaping themselves in the face of significant health workforce reform agendas. Dr Boyce has been awarded three competitive research fellowships, including from the Australian Research Council and the University of Queensland Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) strategic funds.  She has authored over 150 papers and presentations in academic and professional outlets and earned in excess of $12 million from research grants and awards.

Rosalie has advised many national and international organisations/entities on reconfiguring the organisation of their allied health services as part of her consulting work. Dr Boyce has had a 25-year relationship with the University of Queensland in several academic schools and most recently in the Office of Research and Innovation. She was one of the first allied health professionals to attain the award of Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management.  In addition to her research, she was awarded a prestigious Australian Award for University Teaching in 2013 for her work on the HealthFusion Team Challenge.

In 2016 Rosalie was awarded the International Award for Allied Health Excellence for ‘an outstanding lifetime career in international allied health development’ from the International Chief Allied Health Profession Officers.  This was followed in 2017 by the inaugural National Allied Health Inspiration Award.

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